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Cicero, Society, and the Idea of Artes Liberales

The Second Ciceronian Congress in Poland, December 12–14, 2019, University of Warsaw

Pictures from the Congress (12–14 Dec. 2019)

Panels in Kazimierz Palace, incl. the inauguration with the participation of the Dean of the Faculty of “Artes Liberales” UW Prof. Robert A. Sucharski, and Mr. Roberto Neccia – Deputy Head of Mission and Economic Counsellor of the Italian Embassy in Warsaw, Ms. Gabriele Hermani – Science Counsellor of the German Embassy in Warsaw, Prof. Jerzy Axer – Director of the Collegium Artes Liberales at the Faculty of “Artes Liberales” UW, Prof. Ermanno Malaspina – Chairman of the SIAC Advisory Board and Executive Director of the journal Ciceroniana On Line, and the speakers of 1989 Prof. Leopoldo Gamberale (Centro di Studi Ciceroniani / Roma La Sapienza) and Prof. Witold Wołodkiewicz (Faculty of “Artes Liberales” UW); panels in the Column Hall; a session in the German Historical Institute in Warsaw; panels at the Faculty of “Artes Liberales” (Dobra and Nowy Świat), incl. the Key Lecture by Prof. Dr. h.c. Walther Ludwig (University of Hamburg) and the panel discussion on Cicero’s role in artes liberales education today moderated by Prof. Jan Miernowski (Faculty of “Artes Liberales” UW / University of Wisconsin-Madison), with the introductory lecture by Woldemar Görler (University of Saarland); visit to the Wilanów Palace Museum and the Royal Garden of Light

The Ciceronian Congress has been financed from the Statutory Research Funds of the Faculty of “Artes Liberales” and from the Cluster’s funds granted by the “Artes Liberales Institute” Foundation. We also wish to acknowledge the support of the German Embassy in Warsaw in the organization of the welcome dinner and the contribution of the SIAC.